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Puppy with sheep Often referred to as the "Gentle Giant", the Great Pyrenees protects livestock, owner, and home. Because of their affection, courage, loyalty, and intuition, they make wonderful companion animals. They are naturally clean and easy to house train.

Although many people think of a solid white animal when they think of the Pyr, their color is white with or without wolf-gray, badger, or tan markings and they have black eye rims and nose. As pups, their gray, badger, or tan markings are much more pronounced and become less discernable with age. They are one of the longest-lived large breeds with a life span of 10 to 12 years.

They are protective of their own with a watchful attitude towards strangers and will chase away other animals. Generally they bark only when warranted. With a high level of intelligence, they can think and make decisions independent of human direction.

Puppies climbing over logs Bijou

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